Bold Bullets

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Put it On My Tab

In Tribute to Jim Holdman who lived generously, challenged everyone and thought the best of you. I regularly shared lunch and coffee over a decade with Jim. He always would tell everyone he knew and met, "Put it on my tab." This poem was shared originally at his funeral. Some updates for clarity have been made. May God continue to bless his legacy.

Put it on My Tab

I looked on one more time hearing those words “Put it on my tab” 

I couldn’t help but wonder of the generosity that made those words repeat so often 

I stand and look back to see the cross 

And hear those words with hands held high 

“Put it on my tab” 

How can a person with so many mistakes and sins compete?

How can I compare to a kindness that loves so deeply? 

“Put in on my tab” 

I imagine him walking the streets of Gold 

My friend can’t help but hear Jesus Say, “Put it on my tab” 


I imagine him hearing those words 

And His smile grins wide with hands held high 

As I look to see my friend one last time  

But the words stay the same

I can almost hear him one more time... 

As I hear my mouth say “Put it on my tab"