Welcoming Donors Introduction

Introduction on different methods to welcome or onboard new donors/volunteers to your organization. Plug into one of these processes to make sure you're engaging your new donors in the best way possible!

Video Notes

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About Dave: 

Dave has successfully raised millions of dollars to help people overcome homelessness. In 2015 Dave founded Bold Leading because of his commitment to helping nonprofit leaders find the resources to fuel their cause. Dave has trained hundreds of nonprofit professionals in fundraising principles and practice. His coaching has helped non-profits all over the globe. Dave worked as the Executive Director of Northlands Rescue Mission, helping them move from $350k annually to $1.2 M in annual private donations. Because of his work with the homeless, he received the Key to the City of Grand Forks from Mayor Mike Brown in the fall of 2014.

About Bold Leading: 

When you’re ready to take the next best step in your organization’s fundraising and service journey, Bold Leading can help. We work with nonprofits to raise more money and work more efficiently by using simple systems to reach your goals. The Bold Leading team can assist by evaluating your current efforts, making the planning process easier, and organize your team – which all leads to increased giving and fulfilling your mission.

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Dave and Team! We’re here to make you a hero. 


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