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Where Nonprofit Leaders

Build Capacity & Build Organizations
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Get your Bold Bulletin  today! We will help your team make successful leadership and fundraising simple.

What We Do

We help Nonprofit Leaders Win in Their Key Relationships


Engage and equip your board of directors. Help each board member become ambassadors for your organization.


Helping you connect, lead and equip your staff to do the work of the organization making the biggest impact.


Equipping you and your team to connect with donors in person for annual, major projects and capital campaigns.

Real Answers


Board Training

Helping your board become the best ambassadors and policy makers for your organization possible.

Executive Coaching

Helping you strategize operations & fundraising so you can have the confidence you desire, and the productivity you need.

Real Solutions


Annual Fundraising

Our team can help with direct mail, online giving, and major gift fundraising for your annual fundraising. With all the hard work you do for your annual fundraising, we can help you leverage your efforts through major gift fundraising sprints.

Capital Fundraising

Contemplating and preparing for large scale fundraising projects takes courage and planning. Our team can help you assess your ability to initiate a campaign then plan and manage it to success.


One-Day or two-day sessions can help you organize your universe. Having an outside facilitator frees you to participate in the fundraising or organization strategy sessions and allows your team feel safe enough to bring new ideas.
About the Founder
As a young first time executive director and fundraiser, I had so much to learn. All I wanted was for someone to make it simple and tell me how to put together a successful fundraising team.  I wanted to know what I was not doing that might be hurting our organization. Each time I stared at our budget and the payroll, my stomach hurt.

Thirteen years later, I had grown our development team from zero (unless you counted me) to 6 people.  This team was responsible for raising $1.6M. When I started, the organization raised $250k per year in individual and business donations. In 2014, over $2M (if you included capital pledges).
I know what it is to be overwhelmed with little time, lots of passion, and a desire to do the right things. All I wanted was to have someone help me Make Successful Fundraising Simple.

In 2015, I started Bold Leading with the desire to help individuals and teams that feel the same way. I love nonprofits. I love people who are helping people in their local community move forward and gain opportunities.

Our team is ready to help you. We can help build your team of fundraising all stars or we can become part of your team of all stars. 

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When you tell your Bold Story, don't miss the one essential ingredient that will take your story from bland to bold. That missing element is PASSION. Passion always answers the WHY question. Why do I love my organization? Why should other people get involved?

Fire Your Friends

Nonprofits need to fire their friends. If I see another letter or newsletter with the salutation: “Dear Friends,” I may scream.

Welcoming Donors: Wrapup

Be Careful How You Thank New Donors. If you do not do it well, your first impression might be the last.
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