Dave's Diary: Feel Empowered

Super excited that our Evolve conference has impacted a few people:  Here is a quote from one of the audience members:

“I do want to take this moment to tell you why I was on your site today. I was so impressed with your presentation at MCN and learned a ton that made me feel empowered, as a nonprofit of one, to figure out how to find a place on my hatrack for focused and intentional fundraising. I am not a natural fundraiser - not in the least - but now feel like I have the beginnings of a toolkit to get some good work done. All of your insight and wisdom was concrete, strong, and scalable - thank you again for sharing your work with so many. I know it will, and has already, made a big difference in my work.”  Brian Voerding from Engage Winona, Winona MN

If you would like a copy of the presentation, shoot me an email: dave@boldleading.com

We have a new Bold Bullet out that I am excited about.  I have been learning to shoot b-roll and audio to our Bold Bullet Youtube channel.


Our Dang It! Dave Podcast has some great insight on how to run an 8-week Year End Donor Sprint.  

Check out our Bold Leading Blog for the Podcast and a two-page recipe for running an 8-week Year End Donor Sprint:

Download the PDF here

Food for thought.  Practice makes perfect.  

Here is a blog post that talks about learning new skills: https://www.diplateevo.com/forecasting-confidence-levels-with-the-bipolar-learning-graph/I can relate to the learning curve shared in the post.  Because I am learning so many new skills, it is exciting but I am also learning that I have far to go to master some of the new skills.

If you are a new nonprofit leader or nonprofit leader new to an organization, you can relate to the amount of work it takes to learn all you need about the ins and outs of your nonprofit.  Hang in there, it gets easier and better.  (great reminder for me too).

Final thought:

Main Image Photo by Laith Abuabdu on Unsplash