Be Patient With Donors

This week's Dangit Dave podcast talks about being patient and creative when donors are not responding. We talk about your work in the spring and summer having a big effect on your fall donations. I hope it is an encouragement to you this fall to make the most of the last few weeks of the fundraising year.


I had a conversation with an executive director last week. It was a fun couple of hours. During that time, I was reminded about choke points.  They creep up in organizations all the time.  When people or processes start to slow down the organization, some investigation work is necessary to find the cure.  This week’s podcast goes into detail how to address this issue.  


As you do your sprint this fall, download our 10-3-1 notepad and print out the pdf.  Keep the items near your desk or phone.  On Monday, list the ten people you want to call.  If you would like to order a bundle of 25 notepads, shoot me an email at for details.

If you want to get some stern advice (with a few expletives) **kid warning**, check out GaryVee and any of his videos.  The video below talks about the use of time.  it reminds me of a book by Bill Hybels, Axiom.  He talks in one of the articles about how you use 30-minute intervals.  He mentioned that throughout the day 30-minute intervals pop up because o a phone call being canceled or a meeting ending early.  How we use these unexpected intervals can provide a huge productivity boost.  Of course, taking 30 minutes to read the bible or smell the roses can get you settled and energized for the next thing.  Check out the video below and look up Bill Hybel’s book, Axiom


Having a good workspace will help encourage your creativity and productivity.  Here is mine at home:

‍Cover Photo on Monitor by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash