Welcoming Donors: Wrapup

How you welcome donors to your nonprofit, will set the stage for their philanthropic journey.

This is the last episode of Welcoming New Donors, and we want to give you a recap of everything we've covered! The way that you welcome or don't welcome new donors will determine whether you make a first impression or a LAST impression - so listen up!

1. Thank them right away! 

Send a note, or give them a call within 48 hours of their gift so that they know you value their contribution. We covered several ways to do this with small or large, print or digital welcome kits, etc. 

2. Get the second action. 

All of our efforts to welcome new donors are geared toward getting them to plug in.  Invite them to give again, volunteer or share a cup of coffee.

3. Go Deeper

Check out the tips below from our video. Of course. Watch the Video and the rest of the series.

Tips to Welcome Donors Well

  • Connect with donors from your fall campaigns.  
  • Keep it simple until you have enough resources (people, time and energy)  to become more sophisticated.
  • Wear their shoes.  
  • Make the message simple.  
  • Keep in short.  
  • Have one call to action

In Case You Missed: You can learn, "How To Have Coffee With a Donor."